Thursday, July 17, 2008

Right Minded Fellow

"Please allow me to introduce myself...."

Right Minded Fellow (RMF) intends to use this format to sound off on issues that matter and discuss certain topics of interests that may or may not have anything to do with the more serious concerns. Folks who consider themselves "Progressive" would surely label Right Minded Fellow as a right wing extremist, but RMF has certain beliefsthat would get kicked out of the Conservative Country Club in a heartbeat. Some might see the Right Minded Fellow's perspective as Libertarian, but alas, they're a little too doctinaire on some issues.

Topics of interest shall include:
1-The collapse of public education as an effective and respected instituion and the need for alternatives to the mess secular schools have become in the last 30 years.

2-The need for a courageous and far reaching energy policy that will save our finite resources and dependency on oil from anti-American states.

3-The ever increasing role of the Federal Government in our day to day lives -- the ever growing nanny state.

4-The warped far-left extremist philosophy and political correctness that pervades the news media, entertainment indudstry and higher education.

5-The need for effective, Constitution based government and dangers of the activist bench.

6-Examples and discussion of the Liberal bias and cheap sensationalism that pervades the news media.

7-The implicit evil of the Islamic religion as practiced by many modern Moslems.

8-The benefits of traditional values and harms of extreme secularism.

9-All kinds of good stuff on the world of sports especially Major League Baseball, the National Football League, NASCAR, and NCAA Basketball.

10-The joys of all kinds of music. How the record industry and commercial radio destroys creativity and has lead to bland "American Idol" style pop and the destructive influence of violent "gangsta" rap.

11-Challenges facing the disabled in America.

12-The failings of the modern health care in America and lack of viable solutions proposed so far.

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