Monday, July 21, 2008

Obama and the Question of Color

Okay, the Right Minded Fellow is a bigot. How ironic? All his life, he has associated with all kinds of people, wonderful friends of all races, various religions, and backgrounds. Heck, RMF even likes some people from West Virginia. However, to criticize the enlightened one, the secular savior, the post-political politician, for this writer to criticize him for any reason means he must have some deep seated sociopathic or psychological deficiencies like those people who cling to their guns or religion. At very least, he must be one of those typical white people.

Now that Right Minded Fellow has disqualified anything he has to say as being nothing but the ravings of a mad man, let's look at Obama and the Question of Color.

As the great contemporary American Philosopher, Dennis Miller, observed (paraphrasing) when he sees Barrack Obama, he doesn't see the color of his skin, only how thin it is. How true, whenever his lap-dog media strays and gives some space to some significant criticism, how quickly the Secular Savior from Chicago will pronounce them guilty of "old politics," hatred, or paying too much attention to talk radio figures like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. He has also suggested Fox News stirred up undue criticism against him on the eve of Couric, Williams, and Gibson packing their suit cases to accompany him on his grand world tour.

Three colors are very lacking in Obama's repetoire unless carefully placed as part of the backdrop for a photo shoot: red, white, and blue. Remember, it was Obama's suggestion that after 9/11, too many people were practicing false patriotism for showing their sense of unity after our nation was under attack for wearing such things as flag lapel pins. Mr. Obama was too good for that. There would be no flag pins for the annoited one. Oops, his consultants discovered it would help his media image to don the little artifact -- so maybe a little red, white, and blue is okay? Meanwhile, what about the people who have been Mr. Obama's most recognized influences in the past like Reverend "God Damn America" Wright or the flag burning domestic terrorist turned Chicago professor, William Ayers? What are their true colors? In the old days, some used to call those American haters, pinkos. Given Obama's anti-war stance, he is the one candidate least likely to draw fire from "Code Pink." In our discussion of color and Barrack Obama, there's one pink crayon.

Barrack Obama is a one term senator from Illinois. Prior to that, he served as a State Senator repersesenting the Richard Daley machine from the south side of Chicago. In both rolls, two things stood out, the high number of absentees when votes were held, but the votes recorded reflected either evasion, failure to take a stand on issues by voting "present," but on the rare occasions Obama asserted himself on an issue, his few votes were consistently far to the left of his colleagues in the Senate earning him the distinction of being the most liberal senator according to the National Journal's survey. As Senator, Obama chaired the European Affairs subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Among other things, this committee has an important oversight role with NATO. In campaign literature, Obama points to this as credentials for his foreign policy experience. One problem, he has never called a meeting. Prior to his limited service as an elected official on the state and national level, Barrack Obama was a Chicago "community organizer." What is a community organizer? What's the record of his accomplishments in that role? Right Minded Fellow would suggest that a typical 7-Eleven franchise owner has more vital decision making experience having to run the store and supervise employees than Mr. Obama's leadership experience. These are just a few of so many examples showing Barrack Obama severely limited in experience. For this we'll give Mr. Obama one green crayon.

Right Minded Fellow is forgetting that Barrack Obama has ushered in a new kind of politics -- the post-racial, post-partisan shaman of sainthood in Chicago where experience can be excused for the sake of superior judgment. Judgment -- the ability to be decisive and authoritative on matters of importance; demonstrating consistency and clarity of vision. That knid of judgment? Let's see...

Barrack Obama was a member of Trinty Church for twenty plus years. Obama wants to portray himself as a unifier, a man above racial grievances, yet how would one characterize the rhetoric of Reverend Wright's defaming white Americans and accusing the U.S. Government of inventing the AIDS virus to kill Blacks? Obama, the fellow who asserts himself as being a master of detail and knowledgeable of all disciplines could be unaware of what was going on in his church? What would be worse -- claiming to be so aware and not knowing - or - knowing and denying?

Obama spoke out emphatically against immunity for telecom companies supporting the government's terrorist surveillance, yet when the measure came up for a vote this month (July, 2008) he voted for the measure. While Obama frequently spoke out in favor of highly restrictive gun control, he asserted he was okay with the recent Supreme Court decision providing gun ownership is an individual right. Is this clear judgment. Hardly. Let's give Mr. Obama a gray crayon as his judgment appears clouded and full of shades of gray.Crayola time, grab the novice Senator a gray crayon.
Finally, one more consideration on the question of color -- courage. Where is the bravery in naked opportunism? First, it was professing ignorance over the wretch affairs going on in the pulpit of his church mildly rebuking Pastor Wright as being like an old Uncle at first but failing to deal with the demogoguery and intolerance Wright screamed at his parishioners, but when the issue heated up, Obama chose a different tact lecturing the American public on how they should behave on racial issues and then after the uproar became deafening denouncing Wright and resigning from his church. Second, Obama's carefully staged appearances pulling Moslem women in head scarfs from the human wall behind him speaking over cries of "get some more white people." Rather cheesy and calculated behavior for the living embodiment of political correctness, huh? For putting political expedience above principal while showing constant opportunism Obama's lack of conviction shows cowardice of character. Give the Democratic nominee a yellow crayon for cowardice.

So what is the real discussion of color in the 2008 Presidential race, Barrack Obama is a candidate green in experience, a "pinko" in idealogy whose rhetoric and stance on issues straddle the gray zone while showing an incredible yellow streak not having the courage to stand up for his core beliefs (assuming he has any core beliefs).

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