Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Obama's Disturbing Rhetoric Unmasks His Radical Roots

Obama Embarrasses His Homeland by Trashing America in Germany

Style versus Substance

Perception versus Reality

The Future of America versus Obama-Nation

Barack Obama’s speech, which he originally sought to deliver in the shadows of Berlin’s historic Brandenburg gate where John F. Kennedy delivered his “I am a Berliner” message in defiance to East Germany and its puppet masters in Moscow in 1963 and Ronald Reagan gave his powerful, “Tear Down This Wall, Mr. Gorbachev,” speech stirring up the fervor which would see the wall collapse only two years later, turned out to be much more show-biz like something from the Can-Can Club rather than oratory for the ages. The Obama Caberet descended on Berlin and it was "show time." Barrack is no novice when it comes to understanding the power of symbolism. The primary purpose of his trip to Europe was imaging making, attempting to make the miserably unprepared and inexperienced junior Senator from Illinois with only experience as a State Senator from Illinois as his meager credentials look Presidential, a man who stands large on a world stage. From stop to stop, Obama participated in one carefully staged event after another using his Euro-Socialist friends as all-too-willing enablers to give him exactly what he was looking for.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, wisely declined to allow the Obama spectacle the setting Obama requested. Instead Obama found an acceptable venue luring crowds with a pre-speech rock concert. The speech consisted largely of a length socialist manifesto criticizing wealth and promoting one victim group after another around the world implying that the United States of today is the main oppressor whose lifestyles, insensitivity and policies are on the wrong side of the righteous around the world. Beneath the soaring rhetoric of “change” and “hope” with the usual “Yes we can” baloney, the critical listener could see through the peace, love, and flowers and see the same mentality as his wife expressed having never been proud of America. Look closer and Barrack Obama skillfully covered up with smiley faces and daisies the same kind of bile lies that his spiritual mentor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, hatefully spewed to his congregation, Obama’s former church.

All of Obama’s speech and so much of his America is evil attitude is unmasked by the following remarks in his speech:

Will we acknowledge that there is no more powerful example than the one each of our nations projects to the world? Will we reject torture and stand for the rule of law? Will we welcome immigrants from different lands, and shun discrimination against those who don't look like us or worship like we do, and keep the promise of equality and opportunity for all of our people?

Just whose torture shall we reject and who needs to stand for the rule of law, and what is he implying about immigration? What does this passage reveal about Obama’s view not only on his country in a general sense but on specific issues? The world media and leftist press in America has created the insane mania that the United States routinely tortures prisoners around the world. That same press has not ever been able to provide any legitimate examples other than one ridiculous scandal that once identified was adjudicated promptly and strictly, the notorious Abu Ghraib scandal where some soldier punks ridiculed and embarrassed their prisoners forcing them to wear insulting costumes and pose in demeaning pictures for the sadistic delight of their captures. Those responsible were promptly charged, convicted, and punished for their abhorrent behavior. It was not a reflection of American policy or their superiors. Sheik Mohammed was splashed with some water to simulate drowning in the water boarding procedure. Mohammed, the master mind and key planner of the 9/11 attacks, started singing like a bird confessing to all kinds of Al Qaeda plans. Surely, water-boarding is harsh treatment, but used very sparingly with the most dangerous of high level war criminals. Our own forces as subjected to water boarding as part of their training. Where has the outrage been that the United States tortures its recruits as part of their indoctrination?

Mr. Obama, you lying phony, the United States does reject torture. We are not like the Islamic world where torture is common place. How little has been publicized about what our troops found upon invading Iraq, thousands of Iraqi citizens with limbs removed or tongues yanked out by the evil regime of Saddam Hussein. What about the practice of “honor killing” where Islamic men murder their sisters and daughters for acting like real women in the western world?

Who is Obama to talk about the “rule of law” when his homeland is the world’s finest example of constitutional Democracy while we see the horrors of Sharia brutally imposed allowing torture and death for perceived disobedience against Islamic law often for citizens living behind the veil of religious Fascism attempting to exercise the very freedoms that are guaranteed as part of our framework for the rule of law in our Bill of Rights.

Barack Obama goes on to present the people of his country as intolerant and bigoted against foreigners in how he frames the immigration issue imploring us to, shun discrimination against those who don't look like us or worship like we do. The picture of a prejudiced country, xenophobic and hateful is clearly being developed as a stereotype of Americans which again is a false perception, speaking in softer terms, the same kind of hateful lies extolled by Obama’s mentor, the vial racist ravings of Jeremiah Wright.

For the record, the United States is a nation of Immigrants as expressed by the motto inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the French honoring our culture, “Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses.” How unfortunate it is that Obama rejected the very essence of America, a welcoming nation, where Europeans fled poverty, oppression and religious persecution to prosper in the land of free-enterprise capitalism where the children of immigrants have gone on to become brilliant inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, corporate executives, and even idiotic unpatriotic liars who have the most liberal record in the Senate and can pull together a media circus for his run for President.

Mr. Obama, Americans love and welcome immigrants. As part of our respect for the rule of law, we only ask that they come here legally. We want admission to this country to be a just and honest process where people deserving of residence in our wonderful country can come in freely by following the proper procedures while those who would harm us are kept out. America is not a land of religious persecution as Mr. Obama suggests. We do have representatives of one of the world’s largest religions sworn to destroy us in the name of Islam. The war against terrorism is not something our country has sought but rather something we have been subjected to not by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Confuciusists , or Rosicrucian’s but by radical Moslems. The terrorists who killed 3,000 of our fellow citizens on 9/11/01 were martyrs for Allah, followers of Mohammed, practitioners of Islam. There is no getting around that the Moslem religion was the motivating force behind their murderous actions. Surely, only a select few of the millions of people who practice Islam will participate in Islamic terror, but the Islamic cultures have been all too likely to either applaud or ignore the action of their terrorist subculture. If Mr. Obama wants to point out a display of those who show hatred toward people who don’t look like them or worship like them, he should remember the dancing in the streets of Palestine and other Arab cities when the news of the 9/11 attacks hit their streets.

The United States bends over backwards often to the point of extreme promoting equality and opportunity at times even providing special accommodations so Muslims can adhere to the peculiar customs of their religion where our own Christian minority is often forced to withdraw all references to their faith from the public square.

Obama’s goal was to look Presidential in his journey to the Middle East and Europe. If schmoozing with world leaders and giving long-winded self-serving speeches loaded with flowery rhetoric short on concrete specifics is Presidential, with the national television media troika in tow to chronicle every event, Obama succeeded. If Obama were following the example of men who actually have been elected to President and speak to the people of foreign lands, Obama would realize that the American President’s number one job is to promote America, to champion its goodness and show countries around the world our generous resolve helping the citizens of their country enjoy the liberties we take for granted. We do not enhance our country’s standing or the office of its President by implying our country is responsible for the very kinds of oppression and hatred we rally the world to defeat and that has been an integral part of our foreign policy for decades.

One further note on Obama’s cowardly, weak-hearted, spineless behavior, why couldn’t he visit our wounded troupes discreetly and quietly as part of his visit to Germany? Sure the Pentagon did not want him to make it a campaign stop with cameras blazing. The excuses Barrack Obama offered showed what a shallow shell of a man he truly is.

To further the spinelessness possessed by this most pathetic and arrogant of a candidate Obama is, hat’s off to Katy Couric for her insistent questioning refusing to let Obama waffle out of resolving the discrepancy between acknowledging “the surge” has been beneficial in providing positive results on the ground in Iraq while Obama was one of the most outspoken critics of the surge. He could not bring himself to an honest answer on the “if I knew then what I know now” scenario that Ms. Couric confronted him with and sought an answer.

There are far more issues than this one where Barack Obama has a lot of explaining to do. Honesty, integrity and respect for his country that his given him so much eludes him. The citizens of the United States now have less than one hundred days to be sure that our noble country does not descend into the chaotic morass of Obama-Nation.

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