Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Support Working America

Barack Obama urges everyone to ask their boss or professor for Tuesday off so each American can spend the day working to help his presidential campaign. While surely we'd hope that our employers would show us a little leeway to work voting into our schedule, this is one more example of Obama's brash overconfidence and total disconnect from the world of work. The best way for the economy to be strong is for people to show up and do their jobs to the best of their ability not passing out leaflets and making phone calls to support a candidate who'd glady take their money and give it to somebody else if he thinks they make too much.

Part of Obama's lack of experience is never holding a conventional wage earning job of any kind in his life. He's never been involved in any profit making operation and hasn't a clue what that reality is all about.

Naturally, that he has never had any management experieence is one of the primary factors which disqualifies him from the Presidency.

Don't let your vote do to America what the Soviet Union never could accomplish -- the destruction of the free enterprise system as we know it and your rights as a wage earner and property owner.

Remember America was founded in part from what evolved out of a tax revolt in Boston. From those origins came the Declaration of Independence which defined our basic freedoms and what the purpose of government is. Years later, the Constituion set forth the rule of law and what our rights are under that law.

Given Obama's attitude toward taxes and the court system, it's easy to see his contempt for the principles on which our republic was founded. His intellectual treason cannot be tolerated.

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