Monday, November 1, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 8 -- Doomsday for Dallas. Is Favre Finally Finished?

Can it finally be made official beyond the shadow of any doubt? The Dallas Cowboys suck. They are one of the worst teams in the NFL. Cut out the hype. Cut out the stats and the “almost’s.” It’s wins and losses that count and only one team is worse of this year so far, the winless Buffalo Bills. There’s only one team that also has one loss, Carolina. The Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions are better, so are 29 other teams including the next weakest team in their division, The Washington Redskins who’ve won three more games and lost two fewer than the hapless Cowboys. What better proof does a football fan need today to prove they are a terrible team? They played at home and got clobbered by the Jacksonville Jaguars hardly anyone’s playoff pick. Wasn’t the way the New York Giants picked them apart a week ago enough of tip off this team is going nowhere except straight down the drain? Their pretty boy quarterback is sidelined. Countless players are out to lunch. Their coach wouldn’t grab an ear talking football at your office lunch table. Stick a fork in them. They’re done, finished, kaput. It would be downright unpatriotic to dare care them America’s team unless we’re thinking of the kind of America Obama has in mind. Who knows, the Cowboys might be in line for Federal bailout money. And this was one of the teams that had high hopes of being the home team in their own palace of decadence for the Super Bowl. They won’t even be able to get in with a ticket they’re so bad.

The great “Burgundy and Gold” can’t be walking a straight line. They went to Motown and had to be thinking “What’s Going On?” as the old pigskin became a “Ball of Confusion” facing the Detroit Lines. “Mercy, Mercy, Me”

Way down yonder in New Orleans, the conger women, voodoo priests, and all the other forces of black magic rallied around the New Orleans Saints making them look like the defending champions as beating the Pittsburgh Steelers proved to be a real Breez.

If the Denver Broncos were real horses, they’d be taken out and shot for losing horribly for the second week in a row giving the San Francisco 49ers, another desperate team their second win of the year. The score: 24-16.

Does anybody feel sorry for the Cincinnati Bengals and all their bravado. They’ve slipped to 2-5 losing to the Miami Tuna Fish.

The New York Jets were supposed to beat the Green Bay Packers, but their cheesy effort found them shut out despite another strong defensive performance 9-0.

What’s going on with the Oakland Raiders? For the second week in a row they have won convincingly upending Seattle 33-3.

Finally San Diego won a game they were supposed to win beating Tennessee, 33-25.

Is it too soon to say the Kansas City Chiefs are for real? At 5-2, only the New England Patriots have a better record in the game. It’s not that they’re in a tough division.

The New England Patriots looked like the multi-Super Bowl winners against the Minnesota Vikings. They poured it on in the second half winning 28-18. The game could mark the end of Brett Favre’s career and any faint hopes the Vikings had left for post season play. Ask Brett Favre what “smash mouth” football is all about having taking a vicious hit to the jaw.

The Carolina Panthers continue to show themselves ready for reassembly showing nothing against St. Louis in a 20-10 loss. Tampa Bay showed lots of youthful inexperience but held on the beat the fading Arizona Cardinals 38-35.

Will there be what can be considered a changing of the guard in the Monday night game as Houston who beat the Colts in their house 20-10 week one, visit Indy to test Payton Manning and company. With both teams at 4-2, the team that loses would be one game down in the Wild Card chase.


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