Thursday, November 18, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 11 -- Good, Bad, and Ugly

Chicago (1 ½) at Miami
This is a tough call. How will Miami’s QB situation hurt them?

Baltimore (-10) at Carolina
This could get ugly if the Ravens are on top of their game – real ugly.

Oakland at Pittsburgh (-7)
The Steelers should cover this one but had better not take the game too lightly.

Houston at New York Jets (-7)
Houston was supposed to accomplish great things but has fallen apart in the last few weeks. The Jets chug along.

Washington at Tennessee (-7)
The Redskins will have to play a darned good game to prove they are not in self-destruct mode. Since their defeat in Detroit and Coach Shenanigan’s decision to sit Donovan McNabb with two minutes to go, the ‘Skins have looked like a team in free fall.

Detroit at Dallas (-6 ½)
Let’s see if Jason Garrett’s influence on the Cowboys does what Buck Sholwater did for the Orioles. As they were falling apart, the pundits said they had the talent. Okay, prove it.

Green Bay (-3) at Minnesota
This game should be another embarrassing example of why Brett Favre should have stayed down in the swamps and not come north in August.

Buffalo at Cincinnati (-5 ½)
It might be an oasis of hope for the Bengals. Against the Bills, they should look like a decent team.

Cleveland at Jacksonville (-2)
This is a tough call. Cleveland has been playing better in recent weeks, but Jacksonville has likewise come up with some impressive wins. Jacksonville has the slight edge.

Arizona at Kansas City (-8)
The Cardinals are struggling to find a QB. They’re toast.

Seattle at New Orleans (-11 ½)
The Saints should win this game but the Seahawks might beat the spread.

Atlanta (-3) at St. Louis
The Falcons deserve more respect. They’ll get it on Sunday.

Tampa Bay at San Francisco (-3)
This is another tough call but San Francisco should prevail at home.

Indianapolis at New England (-3 ½)
Indy’s too banged up to do well against a tough New England team.

New York Giants at Philadelphia (-3)
The Giants looked awful against Dallas. They need to step it up to beat the Eagles and should do it.

Denver at San Diego (-10)
Denver just doesn’t have it. San Diego is like fine wine, they improve with age. That formula seems to be kicking in once again this year in a weak division.

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