Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Next Move for Conservatives -- Unloading Sarah Palin

Make no mistake, the Senate would be now in Republican hands if it weren't for Sarah Palin throwing herself front and center in the 2010 Republican primary process.

Senatorial losses in Nevada and Delaware could have been certain wins. The Republicans had sure winners poised to take seats going into each states' primary, but because of Sarah Palin's shrill screeches of bumper sticker slogans, her influence brought out the worst in the conservative electorate going for candidates who simply lacked the strength of character and intellect to wage effective campaigns for Senate.

The Republicans had in their reach defeating the sitting Senate Majority Leader. They could have assumed the Senate seat vacated by Joe Biden upon becoming Vice President.

Sarah Palin is not fit to size up and endorse capable candidates as it is obvious to be an effective politician and not a major media figure, it takes far more intellect and judgment than the Wasilla Wench possesses.

Her time is up. She has failed miserably aside from gaining way too much media attention which thanks to her unlimited access to Fox News is substantial. The 2012 Presidential campaign will be shaping up way too soon, and by the time it does, Sarah Palin can neither be a candidate nor a serious power broker.

It should quickly become evident to Republican leadership and hopefully Tea Party activists, that their golden opportunity to take back the legislature would be reality right now were it not for the Worthless Wasilla Wench.

Enjoy the moose hunt, Ms. Palin. Stay in Alaska and keep your shrill mouth shut. You are not welcome any more. Your time is up.


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