Sunday, October 14, 2012

Okay, it's not because we argued vehemently that the Orioles would finish last at the beginning of the season that this site has not had more to say about the Orioles' success, it's more how to express happy disbelief.

We celebrate how the team did a complete turnabout converting 93 losses to 93 wins and winning three games in the post season giving the dreaded Yankees all they could handle in the ALDS.  With no big household names, but certainly some emerging stars, the Orioles scratched, clawed, and hit a lot of home runs just like in the days of Earl Weaver. The Orioles won with their one star through their darkest days all but out for the season, Brian Roberts. The second longest suffering Oriole, Nick Markakis was injured for most of September.

There are absolutely stars on the rise. Adam Jones and Matt Wieters are on the verge of greatness. Promoted from Double A, Manny Machado, solidified defense at 3rd base and showed a knack for clutch hitting. Finally, the Orioles farm system is producing quality players again.

Also, this is a team that won 93 games without a true #1 starter. They won with a full house. Three Jacks and a pair beats an ace any day. Evidently not even the Yankees have a pair of aces.

If the Orioles are to play championship baseball, they probably do need some more talent starting with a #1 starter. They require more from their existing starter candidates. Dylan Bundy could be an ace in the future but he's at least a year away.

Congratulations to the Baltimore Orioles (and our sympathies to the boys down the street, the Washington Nationals).

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