Thursday, October 4, 2012

NFL 2012: Week 5 -- First Quarter of the Season - the Road Ahead....

The 2012 season reached the end of the first quarter with the great replacement officials’ fiasco finished.  The pros were back and most of the action last week seemed much more down to earth where the game was the focus. Not that there weren’t some real freak shows like the New England Patriots visiting Buffalo and playing total inhalation football in the 2nd half leading to a 52-28 massacre. The Chicago Bears laid the big hurt on the Dallas Cowboys on national TV Monday night that one would think any pretense of calling Tony Romo an elite quarterback or the ‘Boys a top team is totally absurd. They are not a top tier team and haven’t been since the days of of Michael Irvan, Emit Smith, and Troy Aikman. The big surprise has to be Arizona undefeated so far. That Atlanta and Houston have no losses shouldn’t be a big surprise especially considering their competition so far. New Orleans at 0-4 shows just how much the punishment for the bounty scandal runs deep. They are a team in disarray.

Week 5 Picks:

Thursday night:
Arizona (-1 ½) @ St Louis
Arizona will enjoy a 5-0 start after stomping over a team that’s still on the drawing board not the field of play.

Baltimore (-5) @ Kansas City
It’s time for the Ravens to kick up their defense effort and show they are still one of the league’s best units with a convincing defeat against the Chiefs.

Miami @ Cincinnati (-4 ½)
Cincinnati will continue in good shape as the Dolphins struggle to find any cohesiveness on either side of the ball.

Green Bay (-7) @ Indianapolis
More education for Andrew Luck who will see how a truly great NFL quarterback picks apart his team’s defense and scores a big win.

Tennessee @ Minnesota (-5 ½)
Minnesota can continue to improve from how much they’ve suffered from the Favre flirtation forward.

Atlanta (-3) @ Washington
No fun in Landover Sunday, the Dirty Birds will win convincingly and have the Redskins wondering what hit them.

Cleveland @ NY Giants (-10)
The 2/2 Giants will look much more like defending champs playing the winless Browns; however, the Browns should not be taken as pushovers.

Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh (-3 ½)
The Battle for Pennsylvania finds two teams with lots of fight but lots of questions. A Philadelphia win will reveal father time has gone to work on the Steelers – not the killers they had been for most of the past decade.

Seattle @ Carolina (-3)
A great opportunity for Cam Newton to show his sophomore jinx is over. It’s time for Seattle to start falling back into the scrap heap where they normally reside.

Chicago (-4) @ Jacksonville
Hot off their dominating defeat of Dallas, the Bears can enjoy a short Florida vacation slapping around the hapless Jaguars.

Denver @ New England (-7)
The early days of the Peyton Manning era has not created one tough butt kicking team yet and New England is not the place for that quality to emerge.

Buffalo @ San Francisco (-9 ½)
San Francisco might not be far enough away for the Bills to escape the slaughter heaped upon them at home last week. Now they go to San Francisco to get thrown of the bridge. It could be another ugly defeat.

San Diego @ New Orleans (-3)
The chronic underachievers against the team in the doghouse – slight edge to San Diego.

Monday Night:
Houston (- 7 ½) @ NY Jets
The Jets are going down hard. At what point will Tim Tebow come into the game?

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