Thursday, September 20, 2012

NFL 2013: Week 3 -- Where are the Real Zebras???

Week two proved a horrible revelation for the NFL brass who locked out the real officials in favor of replacements: these guys aren't real zebras, they're jack asses spray painted to look like zebras. Did anyone see the Ravens be robbed of a touchdown and hence a victory by a blown call? What offensive interference? This guys are hacks, amateurs playing in a pro league.

NY Giants @ Carolina (-2)
Cam Newton must be pretty special in his 3rd game in his second sason with his team a two point favorite to win at home, but we'll buck the Vegas crowd and pick the Giants. They are the defending champs aren't they? 

St. Louis @ Chicago (-7.5)
St. Louis still has a long way to go before it's ready to take on established teams like the Bears. This one belongs to Chicago.

Buffalo (-3) @ Cleveland
The loser of this game will be the real mistake the lake (Erie that is) and Buffalo is not the mistake.

Tampa Bay @ Dallas (-7.5)
The members of the sports media that loves to crow about the Cowboys will have plenty to celebrate

NY Jets (-2.5) @ Miami
The Rex Ryan Road Show hits South Florida, and while the Jets are more bluster than game, they'll put this one in the win column.

San Francisco (-7) @ Minnesota
The 49er's are well on their way to being the new elite team in the NFL but beating up on the Vikings can hardly be seen as more than a tune up unless the fake zebras do something to mess the game up.

Kansas City @ New Orleans (-9)
Here's one that the scandal-ridden Saints should win.

Cincinnati @ Washington (-3)
Who can predict the Bengals. Last year, they were a playoff contender, but two years in a row?  Washington just might pull this one out. Vegas thinks so.

Detroit (-3.5) @ Tennessee
Not much of a contest here. The Lions win.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis (-3)
Hello win #1 for Andrew Luck for the Colts.

Philadelphia (-3.5) @ Arizona
Arizona's riding high after their upset of New England, while the Eagles know they were given one gratis by the scab officials. Still they're good enough to handle the Cardinals for sure.

Atlanta @ San Diego (-3)
Two teams known for under achieving meet, but it's too soon for San Diego's typical mid season dive and the Chargers win.

Houston (-2) @ Denver
Peyton who?  This one's Houstons.

Pittsburgh (-4) @ Oakland
Still not a good game to get a read on what the Steelers have left. They'll smash Oakland.

New England @ Baltimore (-3)
Two angry teams face off in this one. New England lost to a most inferior opponent last week whilel the Ravens were robed by scabs.  This one belongs to Crab Town.

Green Bay (-3.5) @ Seattle
Here's a game that should help the Packers get over their early season jitters. Cheese is tastier than over priced coffee. We'll go for the cheese over the latte on Sunday.

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