Thursday, September 27, 2012

NFL 2012: Week 4 -- No More Horsing Around: The Zebras Return

Thank god the real zebras are back tonight in Baltimore’s game hosting Cleveland tonight. The spray painted jack-asses proved to be an insufferable embarrassment for the whole nation to see in the botched call costing Green Bay the win they earned but in Baltimore, fans also saw a touchdown voided that would have them at 3-0 were it not for incompetent officiating. The number of calls overturned by replays told the story of total incompetence.  Thus ends a huge sham in the history of the NFL – not as bad as replacement players – but equally as misguided.

Cleveland @ Baltimore (-13)
The Baltimore Ravens will have to put in one heck of a good showing to beat the point spread on tonight’s game having had so little time to turn around from Sunday night’s dramatic showing. The Browns are still a terrible team, but no team can ever be taken for granted.

Carolina @ Atlanta (-7 ½)
Could this be the breakthrough season Atlanta QB, Matt Ryan has been looking for? Atlanta is the obvious favorite as Cam Newton needs to shake off some signs of the sophomore jinx.

New England (-3 ½) @ Buffalo
New England must be frisky as hell looking for a win giving they are 1-2 and though the camera showed they lost on a last second field goal, they dominated the Ravens and still lost after their embarrassing loss in week 2. New England SHOULD win this one, but Buffalo is often strong early in the season and cannot be ignored.

Minnesota @ Detroit (-5)
Only one Vegas odds maker weighed in on this contest. We should think Detroit should be the clear favorite; however, there’s something wobbly about Detroit’s performance so far. They are subject to a long history of failure which only winning can put in the past.

San Diego @ Kansas City (-1)
Norv Turner teams are notorious underachievers and that trait will likely do them in on an away field in this contest.

Seattle (-2 ½) @ St. Louis
St. Louis’s young talent hasn’t gelled yet. Seattle’s feeling “groovy” after being given a gift by the inept replacement officials.

San Francisco (-4) @ NY Jets
The 49ers haven’t gotten into top gear yet. Facing a sloppy and injured Jets team should be the right remedy for setting the tone for the rest of the season.

Tennessee @ Houston (-12)
This is the year Houston should show all they have arrived as one of the AFC’s current top teams. To do so, they must obliterate weak division rival, Tennessee.

Miami @ Arizona (-6 ½)
Arizona is one of the surprise teams so far this year and the hapless Dolphins are unlikely to stop them.

Cincinnati (-2) @ Jacksonville
Cincinnati gains an exhibition tune-up to secure an easy win and stay at the Ravens throats for now.

Oakland @ Denver (-6)
Is this the week the real Peyton Manning shows up?  Denver wins regardless.

New Orleans @ Green Bay (-7 ½)
Who wouldn’t hate to face Green Bay this week after being robbed at the last second for all the nation to see on Monday Night Football. It’s hard to believe in week four there could be a must win game for any team, but for the Cheese Disease, this is.

Washington @ Tampa Bay (-3)
The RGIII era hasn’t gotten rolling yet in DC. Tampa’s got the slight edge this weekend.

NY Giants @ Philadelphia (-2 ½)
This is a game that will have a direct bearing on the future in January. As a division rivalry game, the Giants, defending champs off to a mediocre start, will not want to see the Eagles put much more distance between them. Still, the Eagles, as sloppy as they can be appear to have the brute strength to win this one.

Chicago @ Dallas (-3 ½)
Every time Dallas wins, and they’ll win this one, the ESPN crew cranks up the band playing love songs to “America’s team” as if they are truly one of the sport’s top teams. What does the Tony Roma era Cowboys have to show for themselves? If they make the playoffs, they never go deep and that’s what can be expected this year.

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