Saturday, November 5, 2011

NFL 2011: Week 9 - Halfway There

All teams will have reached the halfway point in the 2011 season and aside from the Green Bay Packers, every top team has shown weaknesses having at least one embarassing loss to their credit. Aside from the undefeated Packers, only the surprising San Francisco 49er's under first year coach, John Harbaugh's leadership, has one loss albeit in perhaps the weakest division in the NFL.

Take note of the NFC East where the New York Giants lead with a 5-2 record, the other three teams have a 3-4 record. The Redskins are dropping like a stone. Dallas has proven again they aren't a top tier team and who can still believe Tony Tomo is a capable quarterback. Meanwhile, Philadelphia appears to be the team on the rise after their dreadful start.

Three teams stand at 4-3 in the AFC West, San Diego, Kansas City, and Oakland. San Diego would be the pick but they looked pitiful in Monday's slaughter at the hand of Kansas City as Oakland tries to put things together behind QB Carson Palmer who had been "retired" before last week.

Indianapolis and Miami remain winless. The loss of Peyton Manning must be seen as only one factor in the Colts demise at this point. While Manning is a sure hall-of-fame QB, for a team that has been a consistent winner to flop so badly without him signals bigger problems. It's hard to imagine what that clubhouse will be in December.

The following teams have byes this week: Detroit, Carolina, Jacksonville, Minnesota

The Games:

San Francisco (-4) @ Washington
Landover, MD should be prepared for a slaughter. Since the QB controversy surfaced, it's clear that the Redskins have neither a quarterback or an offensive coordinator who has a clue what's going on. Too bad he's the head coach's little boy.

Miami @ Kansas City (-4)
Kansas City is no place for Miami to gain its first win. A four point spread favoring the Chiefs seems harsh to KC.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans (-8)
The Saints will be looking to show they are indeed a top NFC team with this home game against an increasingly stronger division rival. The Saints should win, but don't be surprisedif the Bucs beat the spread.

Seattle @ Dallas (-11.5)
Don't let this game fool anybody. The Cowboys will look like a great team this Sunday, but look who they're playing.

New York Jets @ Buffalo (-2.5)
Here's Buffalo's chance to prove they are truly a playoff contender. It would be best for Rex Ryan to concentrate on action not words as they will likely lose in the home of the one NFL team that plays in the State of New York.

Cleveland @ Houston (-10.5)
Houston can make this a blowout if they play on top of their game but they've had lapses they can't afford against the Browns.

Atlanta (-7) @ Indianapolis
Poor Colts ... another loss.

Cincinnati @ Tennessee (-3)
Here are two teams playing better than expected so far this season. We'll give the Titans the choice with a slight home field advantage.

Denver @ Oakland (-7)
Poor Tim Tebow, a nice kid playing a big man's game will be a sad sight as he gets pancaked, pounded, and pasted as the Tebow jokes will keep getting louder. The NFL is not the SEC.

New York Giants @ New England (-9)
Playing at home, the Patriots will surely be ready to lay a whipping on the Giants.

Green Bay (-5.5) @ San Diego
San Diego and QB Phil Rivers just don't seem to be programmed to win. Green Bay is. Norv Turner will be even more reviled after this loss.

St. Louis @ Arizona (-2.5)
This game's a tough call. Both are teams on the rebuild. We give the Cardinals the home team edge.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (-3)
The war moves from the shores of the Patapsco to the Three Rivers confluence. Can the Ravens rise up and whack the Stealers again who surely resent what happened in week one. The Ravens just might come home with the win this time in the city that eats french fries on their sandwiches.

Chicago @ Philadelphia (-7.5)
Philadelphia will look like the team they were supposed to be with all the presason bragging. They'll be at the break even point with this win.

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