Thursday, November 24, 2011

NFL 2011, Week 12 - Turkeys Attempt to Avoid Slaughter as Playoff Chase Begins

Green Bay (-6.5) @ Detroit   
Finally Detroit plays in a Thanksgiving game, but like back in the 1960’s when they likewise faced the Packers and lost. It’s hard to see them getting beyond Aaron Rodgers.               

Miami  @ Dallas (-7)
Dallas wins a couple against interior teams requiring overtime to do so last weekend against the folded up Redskins. So beating Miami will get the America’s team hype machine screaming. They are at best a very average team.

San Francisco  @ Baltimore ( 3.5)
The big media game of the week, “The Battle of the Brothers,” Jim for the Ravens and John, 15 months younger and a former Raven for San Francisco, this will be one intense game.  Big brother wins.

Minnesota @ Atlanta  (-9.5)
Atlanta must win games like this to continue to have any post season hopes.

Houston (-3.5) @ Jacksonville
Quarterback Matt Schaub is out for the season but Houston should beat Jacksonville in a weak division. Currently tied with Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and New England at 7-3, it will be hard to maintain first round bye status.                     
Tampa Bay @ Tennessee (-3)
Either team could win this one. The Titans get the home field plus.

Arizona @  St. Louis (-3)
Not much at stake here other than avoiding the cellar in the NFC’s dog division.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati (-7.5 )
After losing to the Steelers and Ravens, the Bengals will gladly maul the Steelers.

Buffalo @ New York Jets (-8.5)
Remember when Buffalo led the AFC East?  Nobody’s figuring much of anything from them now. Rex Ryan’s show is wearing thin. More results and less jabber will keep the Jets in the playoff picture, a must unless Ryan wants the whole Big Apple to turn against him.

Carolina (-3) @ Indianapolis 
If rookie QB Cam Newton falters, if Indy’s putting forth any effort any longer, they could gain their first win, but Carolina still earns the nod.               

Washington @ Seattle            (-4)
The Ravens took the same trip two weeks ago and lost. What would give the Redskins even the slightest chance?

Chicago @ Oakland (-4.5)
Oakland will enjoy widening its lead in the North with a win over the injured Bears.

New England  (-3) @ Philadelphia                
The Eagles don’t have much working right now and the Patriots swarm like sharks when there’s blood in the water.
Denver @ San Diego  (-6.5)
San Diego should finally get a win, one in their division no less. If Tebow wins again, we might conclude his personal relationship with Jesus includes fixing football games.

Pittsburgh (-10.5) @ Kansas City
If the Steelers are a lesser team in 2011, no one will know it this weekend.

Monday Night:                                   
New York Giants @ New Orleans (-7)
The Giants need to pull an upset if they are to remain relevant this year but they won’t and the Saints will keep marching.

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