Sunday, September 25, 2011

NFL 2011 - Week 3 -- Some teams getting close to wait until next year while Detroit should be 3-0.

Jacksonville @ Carolina (-3 ½)
Wow, the lowly Carolina Panthers are favored? Cam Newton has looked strong in his first two starts against stronger teams, now is the chance for him to achieve his first NFL win. He has the right heart and spirit to do it. Pick the Panthers.

Houston @ New Orleans (-4)
Houston’s an improving team but not strong enough to beat the well-established Saints.

New England (-7) @ Buffalo
Though this is a battle of two 2-0 teams, not all is created equal and the Bills great start will end with their first loss.

Miami @ Cleveland (-2)
Two pretty lousy teams, Vegas says the Browns. We say the fish.

San Francisco @ Cincinnati (-2 ½)
Here are two hard to predict teams, but the “Niners” should come east and the go home with a win.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia (-8 ½)
This won’t be as easy as it looks for Philadelphia with Michael Vick on the mends, but still, the Giants have more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.

Detroit (-3) @ Minnesota
Consider this, the once hapless Lions will be 3-0 afer this game.

Denver @ Tennessee (-7)
The Baltimore Ravens learned the hard way Tennessee is no team to look beyond. They should dominate Denver and win convincingly.

Baltimore (-4 ½) @ St. Louis
The Tennessee Titans gave the Ravens a rude wakeup call. They also dealt out numerous injuries. The Ravens cannot take St. Louis lightly or they’ll repeat last week’s fiasco. A properly motivated Ravens team will win.

New York Jets (-3) @ Oakland
The battle of the NFL bad boys, but Rex and the Jets will take care of the Raiders.

Kansas City @ San Diego (-14 ½)
Kansas City was a team getting better last year. They seem to be full speed in reverse a year later, a big win for the Bolts.

Green Bay (-4) @ Chicago
It’s Green Bay all the way.

Pittsburgh (-10) @ Indianapolis
The national TV audience will see a team getting kicked when its down when the Steelers play the Colts in Indianapolis. The horrible feeling of 0-3 will be a tough burden for a team that has enjoyed so much success in the Peyton Manning era.

Washington @ Dallas (-5 ½)
Tony Romo is not healthy. The Skins ave played strong defense this year. Should the Redskins continue how they’ve played this year and not fall back into previous years’ woe’s, they’lll handle the Cowboys.

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