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IRONY: Medea, Then and Now: Mythological Bitch, Modern Day Burp

Here's a little cultural lesson, kiddies, enjoy!
How’s your memory of Greek Mythology? Remember Medea? Medea was the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis, niece of Circe, and the granddaughter, of Helos, the sun god. She married Jason, of Golden Fleece fame, with whom they had two children, Memeros and Pheres.

Those Greek playwrights were great dramatists with plots that would baffle even the most sardonic Hollywood horror film writers with plots of infidelity and jealousy that would make today’s idiotic soap operas seem tame. In Eurpides’ play, Jason left his sweetie pie, Medea, when King Creon, one of the royal nasties of the era, offered Jason his daughter, Creusa or Glauce.

Medea was not happy with that arrangement. First her dude is sailing all around the Mediterranean gathering up sheep skins that document no academic achievement as they would later on in history, they were just literally, sheep skins. How many loving wives would put up with that? However, busting up her nest when her precious husband allowed the King to play matchmaker was too much for her to take. There’s much more to the story including Jason getting her all doped up on some wicked narcotics, but it was a crappy relationship. We encourage our readers to see the real myth as reproduced by Edith Hamilton or Thomas Bulfinch for more historical and literary accuracy. However, the end game of this story is pretty intense. There are all kinds of additional details and juicy subplots depending on the play or myth considered.

Out of her passion for revenge, she killed her children but beat the rap. Today, modern psychologists often speak of a “Medea Complex,” for parents who would murder or harm their children.

Today, we have Medea Benjamin. What a work of art she is, she took the name “Medea” during her freshman year at Tufts University. The 21st century version of Medea also has contempt for authority, kings, soldiers, and strong male figures as she is the co-founder and leader, Code Pink, a group of extreme left wing, west coast style, head cases who take great pleasure at performing their little theater of the absurd displays of what they consider civil disobedience which would be blasphemy when compared to the efforts of the Vietnam anti-war movement, Dr. Martin Luther King’s efforts, or the nonviolent revolution of Mahatma Gandhi.

Modern Medea is a sniveler and whiner. Boo-hoo, boo-hoo. Military – bad. Corporations – bad. This unapologetic twerp and her gang of social misfits have an uncanny knack for finding ways to sneak into major activities, often on Capitol Hill, and during key speeches or hearings, creating quite a ruckus by screaming moronic slogans, chants, or just acting like a four year old having a tantrum because nobody would pay attention to his attempts to hold his breath until he turned blue. He could turn royal blue for all we care if the behavior is in support of Code Pink.

Not surprisingly, esteemed journalistic sources like the Los Angeles Times have identified Moping Medea as “one of the high profile leaders of the peace movement” and was even once considered on the San Francisco Magazine’s list of “80 Players who Rule the Bay Area.” Yes, the “Bay Area,” go figure!!!

Naturally, Modern Moping Medea loves Cuba and Venezuela. In 2002, she interrupted testimony by the Secretary of Defense in a Congressional Committee room with a barrage of insane chants with her posse of other deranged dingbats. Later in August of that same year, she interrupted a speech by President George W. Bush in Stockton, California. She raised the roof at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston dressed as Lady Liberty and then was hauled from the Republican Convention in New York for unfurling a banner “Pro-Life: Stop the killing in Iraq.” She and her mob of twits somehow finagled VIP access to the second Bush inauguration to display more banners. The bold little mosquito turd also interrupted a speech by Condoleezza Rice in San Francisco in May of 2005. Becoming increasingly more emboldened, in July 26, 2006, Benjamin interrupted an address to both houses of Congress when Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki screaming at him from the balcony.

Whether it’s defense and national security, free trade, or a host of other ultra-left positions, New Millennium Modern Moping Mad Medea is there to be found.

Now apparently she’s not too happy with Barrack Obama. Go figure. On this date, December 5, 2008, she and her nuts interrupted testimony while the “Big Three” automakers came to Capitol Hill to beg for booty. So how does Medea Benjamin get around? Who propels her chariot?

Though some comparisons to the ancient Greek, Medea, might be a little far-fetched, we can certainly think of Medea as the personification of an idiotic, mean-spirited woman then and now.

She has her enablers as did the her wicked mythological namesake had in the Olympians who supported her cause in the national press who gladly gives her plenty of time to speak her nonsense on talking head programs.

Only in America and Greek Mythology, eh?

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