Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some People Just Want Others to Hate Them: Athiests Post Ads in DC

Surely no one you know will
want his new movie on DVD!

Have you met Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens? Well, they seem very learned and intellectual, but they're not very happy people. They're very quick to find fault and don't have much nice to say about other people. They don't seem to have much fun yet they claim to be against any kind of laws that restrict morality.

For those who don't know, they are two of the world's most outspoken athiests who frequently make the talk show rounds to talk down people of faith and their silly little religions. To them, believers are the little people, hopelessly lost in primative thinking, tsk, tsk, tsk, as they speak in their nasal toned delivery looking down their noses at those poor folks with such antiquated customs. They have a bigger friend who has a talk show on HBO. He used to be on the big network ABC but said some very stupid things that offended just about everyone. Ah, and what of pseudo-intellectual comedian, Bill Maher and his film that trashes religion? Wonder how that's playing in Topeka?

Well, their gang wants to piss us off this time of year given an advertising campaign they've established to post ads on buses and elsewhere around Washington, DC. Most of us little people could care less. Why pay the cost of a movie ticket just to hear somebody sneer at just about everyone else. Check this out.... (Article about Athiest ads in DC.),3566,450445,00.html

Meanwhile, as the Christmas season approaches, fight the fight against all those phony generic holiday messages and retailers who go out of their way to mention the big event that unites us all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Why do these miserable God haters seem so unhappy all the time? As if the answer is hard to figure out for any of us with a spiriual appreciation for life. We live in a free society. They're free to be miserable, and the Declaration of Independence only assures the right to the pursuit of happiness. It does not mandate it.

Being nice to those who live to be miserable might be a futile pursuit, but Athiests are such a small minority of the population, at best 10%. Then why is it they are so anxious to make the rest of us so miserable. I wonder when it comes right down to it, while the Athiest boo-hoo boys are deeply offended by all intrusions of godliness in our society and want to find some way to get the legal system to remove "In God we trust" from our money, it's curious I've never heard any of them object to having Christmas off as a holiday. Do they all-of-a-sudden understand the secular significance of our Judeo-Christian history as well? They also seldom turn down invites to all the Christmas parties, the food, the drink, and maybe some gifts, not that any of that is truly reflective of the spiritual value of Christmas, but it sure is part of the cultural rituals they deplore.

Maybe one positive of the ugly economy this year is lets hope folks approach the Holidays more with anticipation of being with loved ones, sharing the spirit, and less about rushing to the malls, big box retailers, and discount stores to get the latest what-cha-ma-call-it to place under the tree. Trust us, your kid will survive just fine without the latest X-box doo-dad and mama really is just as sweet without that $100 bottle of purfume just as daddy doesn't really need that demolition tool from Home Depot just to complete his workshop. Some less expensive gifts straight from the heart and a good meal might be the right recipe for one of the best holidays ever.

Somehow, Christmas with Charlie Brown even if it's just to hear Vince Guaraldi's fine piano playing will fit the bill just fine. Try to explain any of that to an Athiest. Though they think they're so far ahead of everyone else, does anyone want to tell them that philosophically they're lost in the 19th Century?

God bless 'em all anyway. We'll have some more thoughts as Christmas approaches. Any town or enterprise that messes with the traditional celebration of Christmas will surely draw our attention.

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