Thursday, December 6, 2012

NFL 2012: Week 14: The Season Begins its Final Quarter

Denver (-10) @ Oakland
There’s no reason to believe Oakland hasn’t mailed in the 2012 season, while Peyton Manning consolidates his leadership of the Denver Broncos, molding them into true champs.

Baltimore @ Washington (-2 ½)
The Ravens looked awful against a depleted Pittsburgh last Sunday losing a game that was clearly in their grasp. As the injuries mount, the erratic play proves more costly. Meanwhile the Redskins are rallying behind their red hot rookie quarterback RG-III.  The Ravens need this win to continue their march to the undisputed lead in the AFC North, but now the Skins are in the hunt for an NFC berth particularly if the Giants continue to struggle.

St. Louis @ Buffalo (-3)
Hard to pick a winner here. Both teams have shown flashes of brilliance but we’ll give the Bills the edge at home.

Dallas @ Cincinnati (-3)
Dallas is feeling frisky with the Giants current slump, but Cincinnati is the stronger team.

Kansas City @ Cleveland (-6 ½)
This year can’t end soon enough for the tragedy besot Chiefs and a road trip to Ohio makes it even tougher.

Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay (-7 ½)
The season’s already over for the Eagles. They’ve given up. It’s over.

Atlanta (-3 ½) @ Carolina
The Falcons continue their assault racing to the top seed in the NFC.

New York Jets (-2 ½) @ Jacksonville
Sanchez has lost his mojo while Tebow’s nursing a broken rib. The Soap Opera known as the Jets continues but they should be strong enough to hold off the Jags.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis (-5 ½)
The surprisingly strong Colts behind rookie QB, Andrew Luck, continue their march to a wild card berth.

Chicago (-3) @ Minnesota
The Bears have to tighten up and strengthen their game to assure post season success. The Vikings provide a tough test.

San Diego @ Pittsburgh
What does it say that Vegas won’t post odds for this game?  San Diego looks like they’ve mailed it in weeks ago; while the Steelers are still seriously on the mend beating a surprisingly weak and unmotivated Ravens team in their last contest.  We’ll give the Steelers the edge.

Miami @ San Francisco (-10)
The “Niners” need a good tune-up game which the mediocre Dolphins should provide.

Arizona @ Seattle (-10 ½)
Arizona’s miseries continue as Seattle is right in the thick of the Wild Card chase.

New Orleans @ New York Giants (-5)
The Giants need to step up their intensity while New Orleans’ performance has been haphazard in recent weeks.

Detroit @ Green Bay (-7)
The Cheeseheads should celebrate the miserable lions who’ve faded back into the mire of mediocrity that has been their hallmark for decades. It appears their brief hiatus flirting with glory is over.

Houston @ New England (-3 ½)
Here’s a battle for post season dominance. The Texans win this won and they’re all but assured the 1st seed in the playoffs.                                                                                                                                                                               

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