Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Apologies are in order to folks who've enjoyed reading Right Minded Fellow and the topics and issues we've discussed. The unfortunate truth is this site is the work of one individual who simply can only sustain so much effort beating the drum on how totally dysfunctional the American political system has become. Let's be honest, Barack Obama is not simply a political figure with a different point-of-view. he represents a fundamental threat to the United States my father and his generation fought to preserve in World War II, a land of liberty and opportunity where the pursuit of excellence and entrepreneurship (aka "Yankee know-how") prevail. Western Europe is learning the hard lessons of where their socialist governments lead as the dominoes are falling around the northern shore of the Mediterranean, Greece, Italy, and perhaps next, Spain. When European leaders lecture an American President on deficit spending, the implications are terrifying. Obama and his party's push to take over the health care industry, cow-tow to labor, pursue unworkable and unrealistic energy policies, while attempting to divide society into arbitrary class distinctions is beyond hateful and in some applications borders on pure treason. Add to that, the grounding of Obama's approach not only represents Sal Allinksy radicalism but is also a product of the syndicated crime network known as the Chicago Democratic Party machine shows we are not simply trying to elect a more favorable President, but this is the beginning of a civil war between the culture that gives so much and a decadent hopeless culture that the lessons of history assure us of failure.

Meanwhile on the other side, the Republican Party is a joke. Newt Gingerich has proven to be a hate-mongering demagogue who would rather destroy his party than deal with the ups and downs of primary politics. Rich Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Perry with their insistence an oppressive and archaic stance on using the state as a vehicle to indoctrinate faith-based stances is contrary to American democracy. The values of rather well-to-do white (mostly male) citizens is far too exclusive for a national party.

Whatever happened to a political party that represents strong free enterprise or Capitalistic economic principles, embraces limited government, strong defense, and person liberties?

No, the so called Libertarian approach is not realistic and while in theory might have much to offer, the American Libertarian movement sure attracts its share of screwballs not the least of whom is Ron Paul whose notion that turning back the clock to the 1830's  and all that implies would save the day. Hardly!  While having government honor the principles of the US Constitution is a noble cause, closer examination of Paul's statements such as income tax being constitution is a lie on the face of it.

These are just a few ideas that show how futile trying to articulate the current situation in our culture has become and it quite frankly gets overwhelming and depressing to keep banging the drum.

While, the Right Minded Fellow does some serious soul searching and looks for inspiration on broader topics, the 2011 football season was a magic ride up through last weekend when this Ravens' fan's dreams were squashed. There is much to discuss including some serious concerns as the 2012 NASCAR season nears.

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