Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Union Terrorism

It is time for Americans to fight back against union tyranny and terrorism.

Phone lines cut in Pennsylvania, an open shop contractor in Toledo, Ohio suffered a gunshot wound after suffering from vandalism and intimidation, tires slash, windows broken, workers stalked by union goons – all this is in the name of union activity. That a private contractor, John King, would have been attacked at him home shot in his left arm, fortunately just a single shot, under these terms paints a much bigger picture. The Union Movement, in these cases electronic workers, take the left-wing notion of the ends justify the means, and quite simply are guilty of DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

Cutting phone lines not only disrupts service but in so doing prevents live saving communication including 911 calls to go through as well as necessary communication in the name of public safety. Trespassing and destroying private property and engaging in physical violence is NEVER justified, but going as far as attempted murder at a private residence takes the matter to a higher level.

We’ve seen how the mob rules technique, in essence rioting in Wisconsin, through its state capital into a complete shutdown for weeks as the Republican legislature attempted to wrestle with serious state budget issues requiring some rollbacks on union benefits.

These extreme examples show that breaking the law is no big deal to union goons who have a long history of violence against those who get in their way. It also highlights what is at the core of union activity; the ends always justify the means. When it comes to breaking the law, just don’t get caught. If caught, point the finger outside the movement.

After years in decline significantly hastened by the Air Traffic Controllers’ illegal strike resulting in President Ronald Reagan firing those who refused a back to work order, the unions put tremendous effort into supporting pro-labor candidates in the 2008 election. With the public frustration with the economy blaming the outgoing Bush administration as the scapegoat, the Democratic Party was poised for huge gains. The unions put their money where their subversive mouth was giving huge sums of money to their candidates particularly Barack Obama, a once in a century left-wing activist with a pure socialist view toward public policy.

Never before has the Union movement had a more sympathetic and unrestrained supporter than the Obama administration who openly support even some of the most extreme union demands. The “Card Check” proposal that would ban secret ballots in union certification votes is one such item. Employees deserve the right to be able to vote privately whether they support union representation. Under “Card Check” union loyalists would circulate the place of employment soliciting votes in person potentially subjecting them to intimidation from mild to severe to support the union position.

Showing unprecedented support for Labor, the Obama packed, National Labor Relations Board is attempting to forbid Boeing from opening a new factory in South Carolina, a right-to-work state, instead of expanding its manufacturing presence in Washington, a pro-union state attempting to punish a major United States corporation for seeking greener pastures. The long term result, why should American companies build product in the United States when they can do so overseas without such costly restrictions.

Is it any wonder that union goons would feel emboldened to commit acts of treachery when they feel so much support at the highest level in the Federal Government? The Obama Administration’s stance of unions is one of the most compelling reasons why Americans who believe in personal freedom, free enterprise, and the rule of law must defeat his administration and his supporters on Capitol Hill in the next election. The need to take on unions is even more crucial on the state level where union contracts have crippled and bankrupted many states’ ability to function financially.

It’s hard to judge which label is more onerous, “Made in China” or the Union label. Pick your poison. Neither are doing the American economy any good.


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