Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quiet July for Rightminded Fellow

The humble commentator behind RMF has been stricken with a cranky gall-bladder able to witness the wonders of mondern health care as strained through Medicare over the past couple of weeks with more surgery in the near future. More insights into health care in America will surely come from this. The bottom line is, thankfully, so far, it appears necessary and appropriate treatment is being rendered professionally.

There's so much to talk about from our regular NASCAR dialog, the NFL "Lockout" and current topics not the least of which the insanity and self-destructive impulses of our national leaders far more obsessed with political advantage over their opponents than guarding the nation's financial health. These issues will be discussed as strength returns.

Thank you to all readers regular and occasional who have taken the thoughts presented here for consideration. In a world of insane big government and mass media saturation, EVERY VOICE COUNTS. This is mine. I'm proud to speak up to help generate results and not the same old garbage we're supposed to passively accept.

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